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Coastal Community Resilience Matching Grant Program

What is coastal community resilience? 

With generous support from Michigan’s Coastal Management Program (CMP), the nonprofit Land Information Access Association (LIAA) is collaborating with CZM to help communities develop master plan amendments that result in greater coastal and community-wide resilience. These planning efforts focus on ways to build a better and more reliable local economy, manage social and environmental changes, respond to a changing climate with more severe storms, and respond and adapt to dynamic changes in Great Lakes water levels.   

Planning Options for Building Coastal Community Resilience 

In each community, the participating government will collaborate in the development and implementation of resilience chapters and/or amendments to the existing master plan, consistent with Michigan’s Planning Enabling Act (Act 33 of 2008). Alternatively, the CRT can assist in the development of other planning/zoning related documents, such as a shoreline management plan or a thorough coastal land use, flooding and erosion analysis. The Coastal Community Resilience program will provide experienced planning professionals and a technical support team to work with the selected community. Together, we will create and execute a project work plan that addresses the unique needs of the community.  
Option 1: Master Plan Update LIAA will guide the planning process by facilitating public meetings to gather citizen input, collecting relevant data needed to inform the community’s direction going forward, and delivering a full Master Plan (or update) that includes a chapter on coastal resilience. Option 2: Master Plan Chapter For communities only wanting to amend their Master Plan to address coastal resilience, LIAA can create a plan addendum that would include flood risk mapping, shoreline erosion mapping, and best practices to improve sustainability as it pertains to Michigan’s dynamic coasts.  Option 3: Sustainability Framework For communities that have recently updated their Master Plan, LIAA can work to create a Sustainability Framework. Municipalities across the U.S. and Michigan now use frameworks as a way to assess overall community sustainability prior to embarking on their next Master Plan update. The framework succinctly summarizes all existing relevant plans from the local level to regional entities and other associations such as conservancies or non-profits. This process is meant to inform the planning categories for the next Master Plan update and to assess what is and is not working/being implemented in the existing plans. Cost and Timeframe 
CRT services are provided at a 1:1 match to the selected community thanks to the support of CZM. However, time is limited, as all planning services must be completed by December 31, 2020.  

How to Become a Participating Community 

Please let us know if your community is interested in this unique project. For more information on the Resilient Michigan Program, visit www.resilientmichigan.org. For additional information about Coastal Community Resilience, please contact LIAA at 231-929-3696 or visit www.liaa.org. 
Download the full project Request for Proposal (RFP).