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City of North Muskegon

The City of North Muskegon is creating a new Master Plan and taking community resiliency into consideration.  As part of this process, the City has received funding through the Michigan Coastal Zone Management Program to work with the Land Information Access Association (LIAA) to conduct a Coastal Sustainability Assessment.  The purpose of this assessment is to consider what tools are currently in place to address community resilience issues and what current best practices may be of benefit to the community as they consider the future of North Muskegon. The City is located on the shoreline of Muskegon Lake and Bear Lake which are directly connected to Lake Michigan and experience similar shoreline dynamics.

A meeting was held on Wednesday, November 9th, 6pm (1502 Ruddiman Dr.) - LIAA presented the Community Assessment Tool to the City Planning Commission.

North Muskegon Coastal Sustainability Assessment