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Upper Peninsula Coastal Resilience Webinars

Coastal Resiliency Training in the Upper Peninsula
Changes to lake levels and climate are forcing coastal communities to reevaluate how they manage land use, new development and infrastructure. These online workshops will teach local planners, planning commissioners, elected officials, municipal staff and interested citizens in each of the Upper Peninsula planning regions how to address these dynamic challenges and build greater resiliency in their community.

The workshops will provide a broad overview of Coastal Dynamics, Resilience Planning, and how changes in climate are impacting communities. In addition, the workshop will provide an engaging overview of scenario-based planning tools and how planners and local officials can use data to inform local planning.

Featured Presentation Topics:

  • Understanding coastal dynamics and Great Lake water levels
  • Understanding high-risk areas and management options
  • Community vulnerability assessments
  • Shoreline regulation and the Public Trust
  • How to use scenario planning and climate futures
  • Funding and support opportunities from Michigan's Coastal Management Program

Thank you to all of our attendees!

Questions: email Zach Vega from LIAA at zvega@liaa.org